Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hong Kong Recipe, Kota Kinabalu

I walked in to Wong Kong Char Chan Teng in KK. And walked out.

Another Hong Kong Restaurant just popped up opposite the restaurant in Warisan Square in KK and always up for something new, I wanted to try something fresh.

hong kong recipe

Hong Kong Recipe, is it another spoof of Kim Gary and Wong Kok?

They offer a rather different array of dishes instead of the item-to-item copy Kim Gary and Wong Kok always fight over each other about.

spinach noodle with pork chop

Hence this unique (so they claimed) Spinach Noodle with Pork Chop was put to the tasting test.

I like the noodles, but seriously, nothing to shout about. Can’t really feel any difference form your usual flat noodles but it is rather nice as flat noodles themselves. The pork chop a tad too small here.

I was glad they still serve French toast here.

french toast

Afterall, what is hong kong restaurant without French toast? :D

Suprisingly, despite their realllly small and disappointing drinks (I’m comparing to Wong Kok and even Kim Gary’s drinks), I love this French toast. It’s definitely better than Wong Kok ones, but I still prefer Kim Gary’s French toast. They never serve butter in between, which made it not too oily to eat.

I miss Wong Kok’s Milo Ais~.

Rating: 3/5

Hong Kong Recipe
Warison Square, Kota Kinabalu town (I think)


Simon Seow said...

Yupe, French Toast I also prefer Kin Gary's. Ying Yong, Wong Kok's is value for money but taste wise, prefer Kim Gary's.

As for Milo Ice, made at home also can la.

Jacky Chin said...

Wah~ the fried roti veli nice... :P

bubbles said...

KK CITY... not town. Lol

Alicia Leong said...

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