Sunday, March 23, 2008

Seaside Seafood Restaurant @ Semporna, Sabah

This is one of the best seafood restaurant I have dined in during my stay in Semporna Sabah.

And it’s cheap too.

clay pot seafood noodle 2
Claypot noodle

Almost everything we ordered there was nice, especially the kolo mee or the claypot noodle which has generous servings of seafood in it.

drunken prawns

I especially love the drunken prawns, sweet and just enough Shao Xin Jiu (Chinese wine?). Yum~

kolo mee
Kolo Mee


Give the fish a skip though, it’s small and costly (RM12?). Everything else is around RM 4~5. Considering the seafood, I’d say it’s bloody cheap.

Rating: 3.5/5

Seaside Seafood Restaurant
(next to Guardian Pharmacy, behind Sipadan Inn)
All the way in Semporna, Sabah


Simon Seow said...

Is it those seafood cause food poisoning?

stan said...

This is just an observation. Yr blogname is food & diet. Obviously, plenty of the former but the latter..? Not that I'm hankering for diet comments. NO. I love food. My fav Astro channel is AFC. Maybe it's time to change the name to just "Foods of Nicolekiss" or something.

Seefood said...

Website should be renamed NicolekissdietBYEBYE :)

Sorrii but have to disagree a bit. The prawns doesn't look fresh, especially with their heads so detached and crumpled skin. The white meat in the mee looks a bit dry. Breast meat? Why skip the fish? At RM$12, it is damn cheap for a grouper. Of all the dish, I think the fish is the one "must order".

jiek said...

Is that grouper? or snapper?