Monday, March 17, 2008

Mabul Café @ Semporna

Mabul Café, a famous restaurant by the jetty next to all the scuba centres.

At Semporna’s standard, you’ll probably find the menu here with an overriding of variety.

wa tan ho

It’s one of the few places (like two maybe?) in Semporna where you can find decent proper cheap and nice food.

wa tan ho - mabul cafe

The Wa Tan Ho has a generous amount of seafood and eggs. Which I like.

I managed to go back the second time for dinner with a group of divers for dinner the next few days.

mango avocado juice

I ordered the Mango and Avocado juice (requested on spot) as I saw someone drank this in KK and was fascinated by it.

It’s a decent blend much to my surprise. Both are creamy texture so it doesn’t feel off, but it does taste very much like.. well… Mango and Avocado. LOL. Loved it.

A diver ordered the Sizzling Lemon Chicken which looks yummy.

sizzling lemon chicken

lemon tea
My sick friend ordered the lemon tea.

It offered an amazing selection. I thought it was good, can’t be compared with KL’s food. But it’s pretty good in Semporna. They serve good seafood too, but I was less than tempted to order a lobster (tight budget T_T)

mabul cafe sign

Like seriously, the town has nothing but the best diving service and experience.

Rating: 3/5

Mabul Café & Seafood Restaurant
Lot 39 & 40, Block G, 1st Floor,
Semporna Seafront New Township,
91300 Semporna
Tel: +6 089781785


Esther said...

Nicole, tell us more about how to lose weight. I am more concern about my legs, do you know any effective way to lose legs' fat? thanks a lot!

Raising Mercury said...

that kueh teow basah looks really good actually =) yum yum...

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just came back to KL from Semporna and had stomach problem before that.. pity you Just want to wish u 'get well soon'!


Anonymous said...

Mabul Cafe was so disappointing when we went there, their juices are tasteless, if you ask for a large they just top up a small juice with water. Plus someone got sick eating there, don't waste your money, lots of nicer locally run places nearby.