Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bird Nest Soup

Bird Nest Soup = Motherly Love.

It was a hot afternoon in Melaka as I sat watching my mom, with her reading glasses, hand-picked tiny feathers out of the soaked bird nest from bowl to bowl.

I should have helped, but it was too hot, and it was too surreal a moment just to sit there and stare.

It's one of those extremely previous moment you know you will never be to buy back no matter how much money you have. The snapshots of those moments burnt deep into my mind. There was so much love, so much care, so cautious and so gentle.



I think this would be the beginning of my addiction to bird nest soup. And I will never get sick of it, even if it meant I have to drink those horrible tasting herbal things she ever now and then likes to put in soup, it's bitter but I drank every sip of it. Because I've never tasted anything more amazing than this. I want to be able to drink this forever.


Although she did promise to make a more pleasant, minus the herbal ginseng thing (whatever it's called), bird best with red dates and honey for me this weekend. Looking all forward to it.


Best mom in the world. Period. 

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