Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cadbury Highlights Milk Chocolate

A friend got me this years ago from Brunei knowing I was a fan of anything chocolate.


I didn't know why but I kept it in my cupboard and has since moved between two homes before settling down in my current place. And now that I've started to be more conscious of what I eat, there would be times where I'd rather a cuppa of simple chocolate drink instead of a full on meal.

But this came in just handy because it doesn't require mixing the powder in milk, instead just add hot water to it and it will taste great.

Having a cup of imported Cadbury ice chocolate my friend got for me from Brunei in air-conditioned room. Love it!  #snug #cozy #dessert with #starbucks mug

I had it with three teaspoonful of the cocoa powder mix (and additional tsp for good measure) with hot water and added lots of ice to it. Since it's Malaysia and I usually prefer my chocolate drink cold than hot here.

Each serving (3 tsp) is only 40 calories, 3g of sugars, 1.4g of fat, with sweeteners of course. Which was an incredibly good replace for old fashion chocolate drink that comes heavy with full cream milk.

It's the perfect and best low calorie chocolate drink I've had so far.

starbucks mug

Imported from the UK and suitable for vegetarians.
Guess I'll be hoping by an expat-friendly supermarket soon to scout for more of this. 


WP said...

Cadbury just can't be bad! :P

And are those pink "things" headphones? (I was going to say earmuffs, but it can't be...not in Malaysia! Haha... )

house cleaner slc said...

Pretty color. Soft and nice looking.

Lisa said...

I love Cadbury Highlights, amazing for when I am dieting. Nothing like a cup of hot choc before bed, and these are perfect as they dont have much calories in! I got loads of free samples too from was well happy!