Monday, October 8, 2007

Oats and Milk

Changing My Diet

I have been adopting a new diet recently for the past three days.

I call it the Oatmeal Diet.

oat's cereal

Well, my weight hasn’t exactly gone down, but there are improvements.

Bowel system seems to be improving for one. I used to constipate for the longest time, like a week!! And that really affects my mood, sometimes I have to rely on laxatives to keep me going (to the toilet). But since two days ago, I have visited the toilet on a daily basis.

Technically, the oatmeal diet consists of sugar-free oatmeal and milk, full cream milk for that matter. Now I know that full cream milk are fattening, so why didn’t I go for skimmed milk or fresh milk at least?

There are few reasons to this.

First, I once heard or read from somewhere, that despite skimmed or low fat milk have lower fat percentage in it, because of the skimming process, the milk loses flavor and therefore to make up for the lost flavor, manufacturer usually adds in food conditioner and other sorts of chemical which are harmful to the body. And therefore is it better to opt for fresh or full cream milk than low fat milk. The same concept applies to yogurt drinks, low fat drinks usually has higher sugar content than normal drinks.

Second, it’s bloody sugar-less oatmeal. Not your packaged prepared muesli that you can purchase from stores, those are delicious. I never really tried pure plain oats before, and thought that maybe the richness of the milk can satisfy my taste bud enough to swallow the meal.

And to be honest, it’s actually quite delicious.

Nicolekiss Oatmeal Ingredient:

- a cup of organic baby oats (you can buy this from Chinese herbs store)
- a handful of raisins (to add sweetness)
- fresh or full cream milk
- slice in a whole banana (optional)

One packet of oats can last you for half a week if you eat it for breakfast and dinner.

oat's cereal 2
The larger chunks are prunes

Simple, easy to make, cheap.

Try it.


Andy said...

Hi nicole....oats are good for breakfast, no doubt...but i suggest dont take them for dinner...even tough they are sugarless they are still carbs on a "diet" too...hehe :P

whisperingshout said...

Oats and milk, that is something new.
You sure those black chunks are prunes, not chocolates? It's ok to confess sometimes :P

Zul of Chelsea said...

Wow. You have found a new way to make oats look more disgusting! Luckily, oats taste good and I don't mind how it looks. Ooh, try out Quaker's chocolate oat mix. It's really not as good as it sounds, but it's not bad either...

Andy said...

Oats with raisins/sultanas would be tasty...dun need taste..just put in mouth and swallow...thats all...drink water and swallow..until finish..TADA!! meal down..

Geli Tifa said...

Yulk... That bowl of oat really doesn't look at all tempting to me... (not trying to be mean...>.=) Personally if I experience constipation I would result to taking haw flakes (shan zha bing)... Hehe... Really good for digestion and won't cause worse situation in the toilet that might happen with too much fibre... :p

just denise said...

try to exclude banana in your diet
it helps me!
i know it taste better if you add it to the oatmeal,but the carb is really high!
not worth it!

gRaCiE said...

the reason you are gg to the toilet is the prunes!
prunes helps regulate ur bowels.
but too much of it you may end up LS for the whole day =p

Anonymous said...

Hello there, Nicole.

Try substituting the baby oats for regular rolled oats (the one that doesn't cook easily).

Baby oats are starchy, and can actually make you can gain weight. Happened to me before. :(

Anonymous said...


I like oats, I normally buy organic oats and just add milk. It's yummy. I don't add anything else..It helps you keeps your weight down and very good for the bowels