Monday, October 29, 2007

Who say clubbing isn't a work out?

Lies, all lies.

Disco dancing is such an exercise.

me and andy
Oh yea, Zouk last Saturday. Andy the captain. Nicole the kinky school girl. ^^

I can't feel my legs or hands and any bone in my body right now. Even though it has been two days!! (1 1/2 days la to be exact)

Bah. Cannot go gym la today.

Legs so pain how to jog?

Hands so pain how to lift weights? (not that I usually do)

Whole body so pain how to walk to the lift and press button down?

Just gonna sit and home and do crunches today. My tummy not pain, but it's hungry. -.-;;

zouk clubbing
Working it out


whisperingshout said...

Need so many excuses? One already enough :P

Andy said...

what is nicoles aim actually? just to loose weight? how much weight? any time line?