Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Like The Days After PMS

I miraculously lost back one kg, and a further one kg after my period.

So that's a total of two Kgs lost in a day. :D Happy happy.

Water retention after PMS is no joke, especially for me.

Last night I treat myself to a sinful chocolate Bisou Cupcake.

I'm pretty sure I'm half a kg heavier today. Damn it, time to hit the gym.

My friend, Andy, dropped by on Sunday during the peak of my misery with his DSLR. I ended up in hundreds of snapshots with my pale, sickening look in his camera.


whisperingshout said...

2kg lighter in a day? That's the day when I've had diarrhoea :P

pwin-cess linfoong said...

wow, that picture is beautiful!

Cherrie said...

Have you ever tried Kenko diet plums? I heard you can lose about 3kgs at one go. Perhaps you'd wanna try them and see if it works for you.

hornicole said...

Drink tea, I swear... Lots of it.

Pu-er is apparently best. But take it only after meals, not before, otherwise it'll make you hungry and you'll end up eating more.

Oolong and green tea are really effective ones you can take throughout the day! I practically replaced my water with tea.

Oh. No sugar of course. It'll help if you appreciate the taste of tea.