Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stationary Phase

I feel that I am going through a phase where the weight just stubbornly maintain there. It's frustrating.

I would say I have been RATHER hardworking. Working out in the gym in between intervals (though I can only last for 10 minutes each time, those blacks staring at me freaks me out)

I only eat one apple for each meal, a hearty (one handful) oats and milk serving when I can't stand the hunger. Occasionally skipping a meal and go for Milo instead. But my weight just doesn't seem to co-operate!!!

*tipping-toe on weighing machine* "go down, go down"

*lean forward* "go left go left"

Have prepared for the worse to happen and might, god lords NO, postpone my plan this weekend to the next. Damnit!

Please tell me this is just a phase. Should I continue what I do or change regime?


whisperingshout said...

I believe it has something to do with the digestive system. Slows down every now and then. Try eat some sourish fruits, if your stomach can take it.

If all else fail, it's time to change the weighing machine. Find one that is adjustable :P

jtiew said...

I know this might be a tad too late for a comment (since the post was 10 days ago).
Stationary phase is often due to your body getting accustomed to what it is being fed.
Low-carb diet will help you in the short run. What you are doing with low/no-carb is that you are forcing your body to go into survival mode, e.g. to use up whatever glycogen/glucose that is in your body for substitute - therefore 'reducing' weight. After a few days, your body adjusts itself and learns to ration its usage of carb intake, therefore defeating the original purpose. What you should do is do the low-carb thing in a cycle e.g. 3 days low, 1 day normal.
Also skipping meals would be a big no-no. This is due to the same reason as above.
It is better to eat small, portioned meals which are balanced with protein, vege, and carbs - especially during lunch/dinner time. If you are on low-carb, the approximate ratio would be 40-40-30. In betweens if you are hungry, grab a muesli bar or banana as a substitute for chocolate.
As for training, for losing weight, it is better to do 30 minutes of 70-80% heart rate than 1 hr of 50% heart rate. If at all possible, do it first thing in the morning before breakfast, as your glycogen levels are the lowest in the morning, forcing your body to tap into fat sources for energy.
Also, consider doing weight training as Andy suggested. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolic rate, and the more calories you burn at rest (giving you a constant 'fat-burner' effect). Consult a personal trainer for this one.
I think you've got pretty good genes and it shouldn't be that hard for you to lose some fat and gain some muscle mass (Pls don't be concerned with becoming 'too muscular', because women in general are not made to be like men).
Just so you know, the most important thing in the equation is what you put into your body which determines the final result (70%), followed by your training and willpower.