Monday, October 22, 2007


I hate period.

It means the hormones makes me unstable.

Sometimes PMS makes me wanna eat all the chocolates in the world, therefor ruining my diet.

Sometimes PMS makes me bloat like crazy, therefore looking like a fat water balloon.

Sometimes PMS makes me grumpy, sad, emotional and in need of love.

Sometimes PMS makes my uterus hurts like crazy, cold sweat spilling and I will just lie in bed whole day no moving, which is bad for my work out regime.

And this time,

PMS includes all of the above.

This is the worst PMS of all.

I am fat fat fat fat today.


whisperingshout said...

emo emo...take care ya.
Can the pms panadol sell off-the-shelf relieves the pain?

Jacky Chin said...

Hehehe, Nicole no lar...I saw you HUGO pic, u already look slimer d lor...

U are a very funny girl... :)