Sunday, October 14, 2007

Born a Chocoholic

It's not my fault I love chocolates so much I can't survive a day without chocolates. (which I did for a week till two days ago >_<)

You can't say it's my fault when it's in my genes that I was born to eat and love chocolates. (or born to love and eat chocolates, whichever order comes first)

And it's definitely can't be helped that my preference of diet are usually everything sinful (sugar, spices and everything nice)

According to Scientists, there's a type of bacteria living in digestive system of people like me that made us build a passion for eating chocolates (and a total different bacteria group for people who dislike chocolates).

""Our study shows that food preferences, including chocolate, might be programmed or imprinted into our metabolic system in such a way that the body becomes attuned to a particular diet," the author concluded." (Now you tell me)

I have to admit. I rather have evil bacterias living in my body than to miss all the good things in life. (Once a chocoholic, forever a chocoholic)


whisperingshout said...

Sounds like a clash of civilization. Chocolate is no friend to good diet leh. But but, i still eat leh..haha

Andy said...

hows the diet coming up?? any updates?