Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Apple A Day Keeps The Fat Doctor Away

Okay, I have an emergency case here.

Due to some personal reasons, I NEED to SHED 8kg this month. Is it even possible?

I mean this is an emergency! I will do anything! To lose 5kg in a week! (from today till seven days later)

My friend suggested one apple for each meal, three meals a day, no carbs intake. And consistent work out. Intense cardio gymming on the treadmills, the cycle, the steps. Everyday for seven days. This is only for emergency case, and strongly advised against anyone with health problem to do this.

Is it possible?! 5KG in a week?


Andy said... is possible..i reckon but out the apple and eat more protein instead..try to eat small and i mean small meals and break them out to 6 meals? if cannot 5? and try not to take supper and probably cardio 2 sessions a day..1 hour in the morning and 1 hour at night :)

Nicocoa said...

What about milk? Can drink milk?

Andy said...

milk should be ok..ur not hardcore right??

M.Y said...

Taking small portions frequently like what Andy have suggested definitely doesn't works for me. I risk adding 1kg to the scale if i consume even one normal meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner =( My meta is wrecked therefore whenever I wana lose some weight fast I will opt for crash diet instead, meaning strictly liquids only (take something that makes you fuller like cereal drink and if possible only one glass per day) and it requires hell lots of determination! This method is prolly the most effective one that works in the shortest period of time cuz you could lose up to 5kg in a week, provided that you are determined enough. However, benote that the diet mentioned above is only recommended for a short-term practise and it is advisable that you switch back to your normal healthy diet asap. You might want to try it out ;p

Nicocoa said...

o.O Seriously lots of determination. Liquid diet is one of the worst diet and dare I say most difficult! Kudos to you for able to even undergo it.

I'll stick to apples, I think I will quit after that first day if I take just liquid.

Andy said...

do u add in workouts m.y? u should add in workouts..and when u workout..make sure its 110% plus it depends on what u eat as well...u cant eat 6 small meals but consists of carbs..keep in mind fruits are sugar as well :P ..crash diet is not good for the body..u can get fast result but its bad for health

Anonymous said...

It isn't healthy and you will end up slowing your metabolism and gaining it all back once you've lost it. Unless your willing to eat basically nothing and exercise. You could fast with water. The first day is hard, but the second day your hunger goes away..

Anonymous said...

Ice cold water makes u lose heaps of calories as your body uses energy to heat it up..