Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hong Kee Tim Sum, Puchong

I’ve been hearing about a famous cheap (as in not 5 star dim sum cheap) dim sum branch around Damansara area called Hong Kee Tim Sum around the flogosphere.

And I realized, there’s an exactly same restaurant with the same design just near where I stay in Puchong. So this particular Wednesday morning, I decided to wake up early to pay a visit. (Wow, waking up early for food, doesn’t sound like me at all)

I reached the area around 10am (yes that’s pretty early for me k). It was rather empty, only a quarter of the restaurant occupied. I always hear that the branch in Damansara is always packed, so I considered myself lucky, it could also due to the fact it was a weekday late morning.

pork vege dumplings

These looks like Ha Gao (steam prawn dumpling) but they are not Ha Gao. It’s pork and vege inside and they are rather nice when dip in sweet sauce.

thai spring rolls

The Thai Spring Rolls is below par, it could have been a better dish if not for the chili seeds they sprinkled on top.

century egg siu mai

Century Egg Siu Mai, I like these when dip in sweet sauce, the pork are very filling but the mini century egg used that day might be a bit hard?

fried prawn dumplings

Fried Dumplings. I like fried dim sum, no matter how they fry it, it’s just taste nice with mayo. These are actually quite nice. I didn’t finish them though cause there was only me alone.

prawn fritters 2

The Prawn Fritters however are a must try. It’s the only dish I finished completely apart from the siu long pao (mini steam pork dumplings). It’s so crispy on the outside and the prawn fillings are really nice.

siu long pao

The second most expensive dish on the table, RM4 I think? I finished these, they are nice but I’ve had better Siu Long Pao else where though at a higher price.

siu long pao soup

The most expensive of all, Soup Siu Long Pao at RM5.50. There’s only dumpling inside, it’s nice but not worth the price.

fried cha siu pao

Fried Char Siu Pao. Erm, I prefer the steam one. But it’s a new try. I only ate half of a pao, left the rest.

fried cha siu yam (yu kok)

These are a no-no. The ones at SS2 are better. Wu Kok (or Fried Yam with Char Siu) are always a favourite dim sum of mine. But these totally ruin my love for Wu Kok.

fried banana prawn spring rolls

Erm… Fried Banana Prawn Spring Rolls, it’s suppose to be their specialty. But I think you need a very unique taste bud to appreciate this dish. Banana and prawn just doesn’t go well to me.

prawn paste stuffed brinjal

Yum yum, I love brinjals. They serve better Prawn Paste Stuffed Brinjal here than most Yong Tau Foo shop. Though I like it when the prawn paste is a bit softer, it’s just my preference.

I wanted to order the Char Lo Mai (Stir Fry Glutinous Rice) but they only serve it on a weekend. :( I heard it’s really awesome, guess I have to come another day.

My overall rating for this shop?

prawn fritter 1

Rating: 3/5. I miss my prawn fritters.

Hong Kee Tim Sum
No.31 Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 03-83619522

No.18 & 20, Jalan SS22/25,
Damansara Jaya, 47400, Petaling Jaya.

No.38, Jalan USJ 9/5P,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Operation Hour: 7am – 3pm


whisperingshout said...

You sure you're not biased? Anything that can go with mayonnaise will almost certain to score higher. haha

Jaeney said...

wow.. dis hong kee tim sum really look delicious..find one day i gonna go and try it out.. i love dim sum so much..thanks for sharing..

Willar said...

ur entry made me hungry.... Good for ppl who need to diet by getting their furnace burning in their stomach

Geraint said...

Well, I doubt the review will be helpful to me. But now I'm hungry and won't be able to eat for six hours. Grr. :-P

P.S. Mmm, mayonnaise. Are you Dutch or something?

Jacky Chin said...

Ah Nicole,

U went there alone and u ordered so so much dim sum gar?...I salute u~

Hehe, Good entry ar good entry good to promote business too for the shops... :)

Ah Chubby Chin lor...

Nicocoa said...

whisperingshout: i tried :p

jaeney: oh u shud.. i just went there today again. ho ho

willar: yummy isn't it? :D

geraint: haha... similar i guess.. LOVE mayo to bits

jacky chin: what to do, stay so far no one come and find me so eat alone lo...

Grace said...

Gosh...the dim sum looks so good. I'll have to try it one day soon... :P

Anonymous said...

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