Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Balls of Fury and Carl's Jr. Burgers

Yesterday I went to Mid Valley to catch the movie, Balls of Fury!

Favourite quote from movie “I like the way you handle my balls” (Maggie Q imitating lame pick up lines from lame men)

Second favourite quote: “It is better to die like a tiger, than to live like a pussy.” (said the blind Master Wong or James Hong)

The movie, is awefully funny. No really. It’s AWEFUL-ly funny.

It’s so bad it’s actually good. So lame and cheesy you would laugh your balls off. (pun intended)

And everyone puked when Maggie Q kissed Dan Fogler. Respect, pure respect.

Anyway, while waiting for the 1pm movie to start, and my date to show (it’s a girl and I won’t tell you who because she’s hot and I won’t give you her number), I walked pass this banner hanging outside Carl’s Jr.

carl's jr burger
Sorry I forgot my camera and have to resort to my phone camera.

*tummy rumbles*, oh damn…

“One Chili Cheeseburger like the one on the banner outside please” I said softly over the counter.

I don’t like burgers. Don’t ask me why and I don’t like them. Don’t eat them, hate them. The reason I ever used to visit Mcdonald was for their fries which I totally swear off now since the fries party.

Don’t ask me why I was dining at Carl’s Jr. Like I said “oh damn…”

They passed me a number tag and asked me to find a seat.

number tag

Erm… edge of seat?


edge of table
Lame joke, I know, shuddup.

My burger came.

chili cheeseburger

It’s no joke when they say it’s big.

cheeky tagline
*cough* I agree

So big can fit my face wei…

So I tried posing with it.

posing with burger

I tried holding it and it’s difficult to hold with one hand. Luckily I have long fingers.

burger face
Burger face

Burgers here are actually.. not bad. But I still dislike burgers, I didn’t finish the thing. It’s so bloody huge. I’ll recommend the chicken burger here, it’s actually pretty nice (my friend had that). But the chili cheeseburger.. erm erm… no comment.

Looks nothing like the banner.

carl's jr burger
Banner Burger

burger side view
Actual burger

But they have really HUGE burgers~~ That, I agree.

Carl's Jr.
Lot T-023, 3rd Floor, (Next to Cinema)
Mid Valley Megamall.


FION! said...

i went to carls' jnr at vivocity in singapore before and the mushroom beef burger is nice...
and it's HUGE too! > <

whisperingshout said...

Monsters do exist...but only in print. The actual one looks like a deflated tyre :P

They made burgers for hunger-stricken war refugees i think. Else why need to be so freaking huge.

Anonymous said...

I`d rather go to the cinema.