Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hometown Fear

One thing I'm terrified of coming back to my hometown is that I get overly pampered at home.

Mom cooks for me three times a day, with the help of the maid. My maid helped me do my laundry and wash my car. Because I hardly come back, my dad always stock up a lot of tit bits and junk food in the fridge just for me, and freshly cut fruits are always ready to be hand-picked from bowls.

Then they will cook a lot of nice herbal soup and make lots of honey lemon juice just to sooth my sorethroat. To see me better. And finish off with a hearty dinner I can't finish.

It's sweet.

But all I do is sleep and eat. That's it.

o.O when can I go to the gym~ Help~


whisperingshout said...

I got a good idea. Next trip, give all of them a big big surprise. You cook, do the laundry, clean the house, and etc. Not only you can skip the gym, you'll fear hometown no more. lol

Bob Goh said...

Why fear? You should be grateful to have someone pampering you. Go home more often and I believe they will love to see you and pamper you! 8-D