Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Oh Bugger

Was sick for one and a half day, weigh myself today.

I gained two kgs...


Is this water retention? Or simply because I couldn't move for two days and was simply eating and sleeping?

I ate a wrap for breakfast yesterday, a bag of chips and a handful of raisins last night.

Argh! Hate being sick.

Jogging tomorrow jogging tomorrow~~ Jog until I die...


Terry said...

hei~ i'm a fellow dieter.. actually i'm just trying to lose fat. hahah.. ^^

dun stress yea~

whisperingshout said...

huh...recovering from bad fever still worrying about 2kg? relaxlah. rest well is more important :)

Jacky Chin said...

Hehehe, weight to me is no problem la...I have alot of it... 8D

2kg up down still consider normal la...20kg up down then start worry...(^__^)