Thursday, November 15, 2007

The most hurtful thing I heard today

Friend: Shouldn't you be getting to work
Me: Yes, will do in a bit.
Friend: You should sleep early Nicole...
Me: But I usually sleep at 2am.
Friend: That's why you can't lose weight?!

I know I should have a more proper sleeping regime, I know I should follow a better diet plan, I know I should have more determination and gym more.

But I'm only human! I'm not perfect!

It still hurts to hear that from you.

Do you only like me better when I put on my make up and look 5 kg lighter?


whisperingshout said...

Could be an honest opinion although not perfect. I did read somewhere about sufficient sleep to help in weight control.

Healthy weight is the key. Even enough weight is a must to qualify for certain category of sports. Lighter is not always better.

Vandalin said...

some friend, whose friendship grows and declines by how you look.

Terry said...

I don't think your friend cares about how you look but rather about your well-being.

=/ you clearly care about losing weight and i'm sure your friends would know about that.

it's just advice not said nicely. but nonetheless, still advice. not a judgmental statement, imho. ><;;

it's important to live healthily. ^^

sleep is important too~ XD

Jello said...

Hi Nicole,

why do you need to go on a crash diet? It's very unhealty lar.. somemore in the picture, u look so skinny de.. which part of fat u want to lose? i agree with whispershout, lighter is not always better, that's y u fall sick very easily. should have balance in your email. the person that really needs to lose weight is Mr Kenny Sia.. haha... but he's been chubby all these while since young so i can't imagine him looking stick skinny like johnny depp.
You are who you are, weight is just numbers on the scale.