Sunday, December 2, 2007

Curry Yee Mee Laksa – Art Café, Melaka

As a pure Melakan (or Malaccan), born and bred, there’s nothing about this little town that I like more than its authentic dishes.

Having raised here, I have always seen Melaka as a state, a town and a place where I grew up, but will never stay nor live in. Like a bird trapped in a cage, there are just too many things out there for a wild ambitious seeker like me to experience than to be bound in this small ‘village’.

But having live through 23 years of my life, and gone to more countries than I could ever imagine when I was 17; I realized that, as clique as it might sound, it’s true when they say: there’s no place like home.

Therefore, I would like to introduce one of the most amazing dish I have ever tried; and discovered earlier this year, a treasure hidden in Melaka and even most Melakan have never tried before. (They might however been to this café.)

It’s called Art Café. Located within Jonker street, inside the alley and along the row of the red A Famosa Chicken Rice Ball restaurant (which serve low rated chicken rice balls, go to the one opposite it instead); you will find a wooden yellow giraffe standing outside this Dutch terrace house that is at least over centuries old.

Go in and order this dish called: Curry Laksa Yee Mee. (something like that)

melaka curry laksa

It has a very unique, fragrant taste that will send your taste bud sky rocketing.

curry laksa sideview

The santan is rich but not overwhelming, along with other ingredients, you will realize that Yee Mee Laksa is one of the best creation for Yee Mee dishes, and a very very creative and extraordinary laksa dish.

curry laksa sideview

And if your taste bud can take it.

Try their specialty drink here – cendol.

cendol drink

There’re not many places in Malaysia that serve Cendol as nice as this. Even though Cendol originated from Melaka, the dessert drink itself has lost its flavour somehow as I grew up. Many stalls that used to serve fantastic original Cendol have closed down and it is almost impossible to find any nice non-commercialized Cendol anymore (however I have discovered some rare nice Cendol that tasted like the real thing but that’s for another post).

This drink, is really nice. Try it, you will know why Melakans are so fanatic about our Cendols.

Another drink you can try here it their Mocha Ice Blended. Also highly recommended.

mocha ice blended 2

Time to make a trip down to the most historical city in Malaysia. :D

Art Café

No.11, Jalan Hang Kasturi,
75250 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: 06-2922960

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whisperingshout said...

Almost impossible to find nice chedol anywhere near the olden days' standard. The closet (yet still far) are those sold by mamak by the roadside.

p/s Is the email correct? The double '@' doesn't seem right to me.