Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bijou, Mont Kiara – Dinner

Bijou is a sweet little café located below Damai condo next to a swimming pool in Mont Kiara that, if you’re not familiar with the place, is impossible to locate.

The first time I visited Bijou, it took me almost an entire afternoon tracing every inch of the ground in Mont Kiara looking for a café that might be built among the rest of the restaurants and happening place instead of inside a residential area.

Yes I was persistent, and glad that I was.


Because this place is one of the cutest by day, most romantic by night café I have ever been to; plants, pink and white pillows and curtains are its main theme. Café café was sweet, but that was more like fine dining restaurant than a café.

strawberry smoothie
Strawberry Smoothie – my date’s drink

The reason I revisited this place, and probably going to visit many more times again in the future, is for their menu.

Bijou categorizes their day into four parts: morning, afternoon, early evening and night.

And believe it or not, they serve over four sets of menu. Yes it means that not at any time of the day you visit this place, you will be served the same sort of the food. They have a set of complete menus for breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner individually.

ice chocolate
Ice Chocolate – my drink

And I love this place to bits.

The dishes we tried that day were Chicken and Duck Liver Paté,

chicken liver pate

This is an adorable, taste butt fulfilling dish; perfect as an appetizer to awaken your taste sensation. I shared this with my date and we both loved it! Reminds me of France where I used to drown myself in duck liver or goose liver (foie gras) paté everyday.

The Lamb Shank with herbal sauce

lamb shank
My date’s dish

Nice, the lambs might be a bit stiff but the seasonings were a good combination. They used mandarin as the main theme for their salad dressing which I think it’s really tantalizing when combine with the mutton.

Grilled Fish with Seasoned Vegetables

grilled fish with vegetables and seasonings
My dish

This, as warned by the very helpful informative waitress, can be quite fishy. But I was opting for something fishy that day so the dish came out just nice for me.

The fish fillet was decorated with shredded turnips and placed on top of a bed of seasoned vegetables and cranberry soaked onions. I must say, the onions were to die for. It’s a very sweet dish perfect for a sweet tooth like me.

I tried cranberries with many types of meat: beef, chicken, turkey; but never with fish and though personally I still prefer my cranberries served with beef the best; this was a very innovative and delicious meal for me.

grilled fish 2
Cranberry Sauce drizzled around the plate

Personal rating: 4/5

Ground Floor, Damai Sari,
Mont Kiara Damai,
3 Jalan Kiara 2, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-6201 2131


Jacky Chin said...

The Fish u ate looks so small small piece...enuff ar?~ (^_^)"

~MaV3riCk cH3n~ said...

wow.. looks really nice the food.. keke can get discount if mention ur name Nicole? :P

whisperingshout said...

If i gain weight by looking at the pic, you're to be blamed!

Nicocoa said...

jack chin: quite filling for me actually

maverick chen: haha... i'm nobody. no one wanna gimme discount

whisperingshout: o.O but but but...

Steven said...

All the food on your site makes me miss home! I was born in Malacca also and know some of the places you speak of - now I live in New York City and I must say Malaysia has now some cool looking restaurants/cafes (well in KL la ..malacca still catching up...keep up with your posts..cos it keeps me close to home.

WI7VH said...

i'm hungry when see everything in here..
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Anonymous said...

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