Thursday, December 13, 2007

Remember the Old School Ice Cream?

When we were young (80’s babies), we have lots of uncles riding around in their scooter or motorcycle ringing bells selling cheap tri color ice creams on a cone.

motorcycle ice cream cart

Kids, like us, will go wild when we hear their bells ring or them honking away in a distance. It used to cost RM0.30 per two scoop, RM0.50 for three (sometimes it’s RM0.20 per scoop). And they have very neat three scoop cones stored away in aluminum tin cans on their scooters.

ice cream cones

Then they’ll open up another metal case at the back of their scooters where the ice cream is. Most of the time contain three different flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. (I always opt for the Chocolate :D) all stored in one case.

ice cream cart

Oh, how I miss the old days. Sometimes when you walk along Melaka, you can still find some of these ice cream men riding their motorcycles ringing their bells by the beach. The last time I saw this is another state is in Kelantan.

ice cream

And even though it costs RM1.20 for a cone now, getting one is like a journey back to your childhood, walking hand in hand with your high school sweetheart slobbering over the exceptionally fast melting ice cream along the beach. Besides, the man is barely making any money seeing that nowadays people prefer to eat at Hagan Daaz or Swensens. What is RM1.20 anyway? So make sure the next time you hear the ever familiar bell from afar, prepare your coins and journey back to your teenage years, also to preserve this rare business from going extinct.

ice cream man

Care for one?


Eu Jeen said...

these pak ciks still make some business in kuala terengganu beaches and outside primary school compounds. my ice cream will always have a hint of coconut or jagung flavor.. now i wonder if the vendors on bicycles selling mini sate (dunno what theyre called but fish is part of the ingredients!) dipped in sweet or hot sauce is popular elsewhere besides my hometown... the two vendors mark my primary school waiting-for-bus-to-pick-me-up time..

Jacky Chin said...

Ah Nicole, so so "gam dong", so so touched...I miss my Ice-cream uncle, he's such a nice man, we always go crazy hearing him on his tricycle...(-_-)"

ling ling said...

I miss those days back in my hometown kelantan too...Its definitely a memorable moments when my sisters and I will chased the pakcik then pick our favourite ice-cream... I prefer to eat it with bread rather than the waffle cone.
After reading this, I miss my sisters and my lovely hometown.
Thanks for this sweet and memorable entry, Nicole...