Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I want to fit into my jeans

I can't fit into any of my jeans. My expensive Levis jeans.

How sad can that be?

Why won't this weight go down. Gym time tomorrow.. again..

Been so hectic with work I totally forgot why I started this blog.

God dammit~


Eu Jeen said...

i like reading this blog. it might just be because of the pictures since im halfway around the world and missing all these good food malaysia offers.. cant wait for the next update. ^_^

Nicocoa said...

why thank you. that's the sweetest thing someone has said in this blog about this blog. :)

raven said...

Hi Nicole, sorry but I do understand that you're upset at people leaving nasty comments on your blog and hurting you and your friends. However, I was extremely surprised to see your post today. I've been a fan of your blog ever since Kenny featured you on his, and I find you as a very insightful woman with a great sense of humor.

Hence, I was disturbed by the language that you've used today. I know you are mad, and yes, it is your blog... but when life throws us lemons, we make lemonade. People will always talk and meddle. You can never please anyone. But we have to control on how we react to it. If we can act cool despite the pressure, we prove ourselves to be way above our critics.

Your blog is popular and yes, it's your blog and you can write whatever you wish. But also be mindful that it is published for public viewing and by attacking your critics, you are also attacking others who have nothing against you and are behind you all the way.

Stay cool and just be yourself. But if I can make one request, simply limit the bad words said in your blog because others can read it too... and it is quite disturbing to some. Peace!

Caktus said...

Raven, as she said, leave her alone. it is her blog, and her right to say whatever she wants. The fact you're pointing it out to her just shows that you didn't get what she said in the first place. Be it as inappropriate as it is, when YOU curse im sure you dont like it when somebody else tells you that it's being inappropriate would you? You'd probably be like WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO ME TO SHUT UP?

I can only imagine the rough time that nicole has been going through The popularity she gained is not something she wanted. It just came as she blogged about her life, and her experience and her emotions. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT? So if you really have a problem with it, as she said. Stop reading the blog. Stop messing with her life. You're nobody to her. Not her parents. Not her friends. You wanna try and be her mom and tell her the difference between right and wrong? Heh..

And please stop using cliche`s such as if life gives you lemons make lemonade. Personally, i can't get it why some people just cant accept it that sometimes, life is simply SCREWED UP. Thats reality. It was never meant to be perfect. Granted that yeah, we shouldnt be so negative all the while. But at that very period, whats wrong if you'd lose it once in a while? Im sure you'd pe pissed off if someone called you a b*tch for no reason and tells you some insulting things now wouldn't you?

I've been reading nicole's blog for a while now. I have to tell you that the fact she writes about these stuff shows that she is ONLY HUMAN. Like YOU. Like ME. If Any of you have a problem with that, then you know what? Dont bother sending her the hate mails and comments. Send them to ME. Cuz i'm screwing at you guys as well for being extremely insensitive towards other people's needs.


Leave Nicole alone goddamit

jsapien said...

Nice blog about food. When I see the photos you put up, I can feel my saliva secretion is secreting excessively. Haa haa haa... Its a good idea that you put up the restaurant's full address. Yup I read your other blog. Ignore about those remarks people pass on you. Hey its your blog so you can do what ever you want. This kind of people are just green with envy. So just ignore them as though they fall on your blind spot.