Saturday, December 22, 2007

M&M’s Peanut Butter – New Flavour

Chocolate became my sole addiction the second I popped out from my mom’s womb. No, it’s actually the day my doting mom first fed me with my very first piece of cheap Cadbury chocolate when I was, a baby maybe.

Yea I ate all sorts of stuff when I was young. Those were the days when food is just to let you grow taller, not wider.

And I have loved M&M’s since the dawn of time. (or since the day I tasted my very first milk chocolate M&M’s)

I was thrilled when I first discovered the yellow packet peanut M&M’s (god knows how old was I) and more ecstatic when they came out with the blue packet crispy M&M’s.

And when I was travelling to Thailand passing by the custom and duty free shop at the border in perlis, I bought myself my first pack of green party packet M&M’s – a mixture of all the above three M&M’s.

I have grown very fond of M&M’s. They’re so addictive, pop one in your mouth and you just wanna finish the whole thing, whether it’s the small packet or the big RM21 imported version M&Ms you get from duty free shops.

Now, M&M’s has once achieved another breakthrough by making itself my favourite chocolate of all time.

The new RED sizzling fantastic M&M’s Peanut Butter flavour!!! In Malaysia!! Finally!!!!!

M&M red peanut butter

WOW. Peanut butter!! Finally! I was wondering how long before they actually come out with this ingredient in their chocolate. About time~!

peanut butter m&m open

Ok, I’m biased. I LOVE peanut butter. I love peanut butter so much I can eat putter with almost anything. On my ice creams, my bread and butter, mix it with bread and banana (this is so fantastically delicious), bread and jam or jelly, or just scoop it right out of a jar and eat it just like that?!

Heaven!!! (I heard bread, peanut butter and lettuce is a great combination, don’t ask me, try it.)

peanut butter m&m

The peanut butter M&Ms are slightly bulkier than the original M&M’s, flatter and smaller than the peanut one, and more oval shape-like than the round crispy flavour one.

peanut butter m&m inside

Nothing goes better with peanut butter than chocolate. Just nothing. It’s simply heaven!!

blue peanut butter m&m

Thank you M&M’s for fulfilling my dreams~

I am not paid by M&M’s to write this.


Wendy Sue said...

.....and I thought you say you are on a diet, with all the M&M's and peanut butter, macam mana ya? =P

~lyne~ said...

It really looks nice. And I can't find it at my place =[

Secret Drifter said...

where did u buy it???

i have eaten one since 1993 in the US

keishaowen said...