Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Losing 20 pounds

The other day I was asking my friend how to lose 20 pounds on msn...

Aliza says:

Ok...for the 20 pounds... 1st, you have to change the way you eat. Cut down on carbs...all carbs. So, that not only means cookies, cakes and also means rice, cereals and breads...even some high sugar fruits. Notice I didn't get rid of all still need some carbs to live. So, the best are complex carbs like brown rice, whole wheat and yams. Otherwise, if you can stand it

Aliza says:

go carb-less during the week then allow yourself limited complex carbs on the weekend and 1 dessert after lunch.

Aliza says:

If you must eat carbs, try to do so for breakfast and lunch and none for dinner.

Aliza says:

Increase your veggie and fruits intake. You can actually eat as much veggies and fruits as you want as long as you stay away from the high sugar stuff like durian, mango, lychee. The best are leafy green veggies, celery, carrot sticks, broccoli, green apples, guava, pineapple.

Aliza says: that's the food part.

Aliza says:

Other than cutting down (drastically if you can stand it) on carbs, you have to least 1 hour a day. The best time to burn fat is right when you wake up. While you were sleeping your body uses up the rest of the food you ate during the day and you wake up depleted of any energy source other than your body fat. So, when you excercise at this time, you are burning fat 200-300 times

Aliza says:

more effectively. If you can't excercise in the morning or when you wake up, then when you do have must warm up for 20-30 minutes to deplete whatever food you last ate. Only after 30 minutes do you actually begin to burn fat. But be careful that you don't overdo the cardio...for women just light cardio will do...unless you're going for the muscle woman look. Heh.

Aliza says:

Then you should burn for 30-60 minutes a day or at least 3 days a week. If you have loads of time like me, you can do 2 30-60 minute workouts in a day to more rapidly lose fat. food and excercise is out of the way.

Aliza says:

Once you get your food and excercise right, the pounds will start to melt off during your second week. Then it'll continue to melt off quickly till the last 5 or so pounds. They are always the most difficult. Since your fat will be melting, your skin will hang a this is the time to do light weight training and those 200 sit-ups a day!

Aliza says:

Ok...summary...3 steps to losing 20 pounds: (1) Limit carbohydrates (2) Exercise 3 times or more a week for at least 1 hour (3) Do light weight training

Nicole said:

omg.. 200situps? are u serious?!

Aliza says:

serious girl. start with 75...3 sets of 25 repetitions. work your way up to 90...3 sets of ninety. Do it right when you wake up and right before you go to sleep. Your tummy will love you for it.

Aliza says:

Abs are easy to develop's getting rid of the fat that's covering it that's the problem! Now that's hard work.

She logged off and continued to SMS me from Bangkok:

Step 4: sleep 8+ hrs. step 5: double your water intake to 16 glasses (at 4 litres) to flush out fat & toxins. Tough but these 5 steps work. The end.


*Take knife out and slit wrist*


Amanda said...

oh my lord.

anyway, I've always wondered if there's any machine that we can buy, that sucks fats instantly away.

like you have a slit on your stomach and your stick up a tube to your stomach, then press START and begin sucking.

sigh. it's so tough to lose weight and stay slim, I can just die!

Terry said...

there's liposuction~ lol~~

there's a saying - no pain no gain. ><;;

good luck losing 20 pounds! ^^

Geli Tifa said...

and another thing about liposuction is that, the part which you did the operation will bruise very very badly and ur skin will sag... totally yulky...

tristan said...

lose 20lbs and you will blown by the wind... :-)

Angelyn said...

I think I burnt a lot of calories just by reading what she says..... ;p

FION! said...


actually i agree with what your friend says...hahaha...

eat your fruits and veggies raw! or you can try pairing them up together like i sometimes do...try cabbage+grapes...

have faith! you can definitely do it...all it takes is determination! and self-discipline and some practice (: