Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lychee Cake of Coffee Bean

With CNY, Coffee Bean launched (coincidently?) a new type of cake - Lychee Cake.

I have always liked rich moisture and chocolate-y cakes, but since I was visiting Coffee Bean with my mom and buying her a drink and cake while we chat; I have to choose something that is not too sweet, not too chocolate-y and something not cheesy (all of which she doesn't like and I like, sigh).

So I decided to take the risk of her picky taste bud and went for the new lychee cake.

lychee cake coffee bean

Well, she liked it. (OMG, finally she liked something I ordered!! ..... as always :p)

RM8.50 for not too sweet, not too rich, non-cheesy and non-chocolate cake fans out there.


stan said...

thks. love coffee bean. love cakes. you've got great taste in food

Simon Seow said...

They have a Lychee drink too right?

Raising Mercury said...

lychee cake? this is the first time ive ever heard of lychee cake... no seriously... i never knew.. =) thx for the info! will try it soon if i dare =)